PROJECT: Seaton Joinery

New Website, Graphics Package, SEO & Videography.
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The Result

Seaton Joinery LTD are a major force in the Trade Sector of East Scotland. With infrastructure such as state of the art machinery, it was essential to incorporate Responsive frameworks to bring their old site from 20011 to 2017.

Web Design

In keeping with the client's general premium work ethic, decide on a Colour Pallette, branding placement and positively reflect designs around their Unique Selling Points.

JQUERY Slideshow

Implement a HD images of client's work.

Digital Design

Image Isolation of Products, Catalogue Editing, Image Enhancement, and Branding Imagery.

Social Set Up

Management of Google+ Business and Social Pages, including Facebook data analysis.


PHP Development of Basic Contact Forms, Mailing Lists & Popup Advertisement.


Short Ad Concept with Client Branding & Motion Graphics with Uplifting *licensed Audio Track.

SEO Analysis

With Google Analytics was Set Up, and Advanced monthly reports, it allows the client to assess their key users, how to target them with PPC Campaigns and how to reach further in market groups.


From time to time Seaton need a hand with digital design in 3D, video and website support, and Thunderwerx provides help over video call.

Intial Goals

Develop a Modern Design that:

  • Communicated Timber Products online and print brochure
  • Displayed Service Area & Capabilities
  • Drives New in-market customers based on location
  • Can be Assessed using ThunderWerx Analytic Reports

ThunderWerx Seaton Iphone

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Why Seaton Joinery Selected ThunderWerx?

End-to-End Service

ThunderWerx are a Creative End to End service.
From Concept to content, to a full digital representation of the company.


Accelerated build times.
From meeting to live, efficient turn around time to meet marketing deadlines.

Business Boost

Going Responsive can help boost Business.
Target Key Users, analyse & improve website infrastructure/content to reach more users, and generate more customers.