PROJECT:The Salty Kitty- SK Racing Arizona

New Website, Graphics Package, Domain Transfers, CMS Install & Tuition.
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The Result

ThunderWerx fastest client. Already tech-savvy, this Bonneville racer needed more speed (typically).

WordPress Customization

The Client already made use of a suitable Google Blogspot blogger theme, ThunderWerx customized a Wordpress theme to suit. A viable option for any startup looking for low-cost, short time-scale websites.

Digital Design

Logo Creation, Image Editing, Graphic Design.

CMS Install

Install of CMS onto client server


Site Optimization

Host Upgrade necessary, the next step was to optimize files and content to increase page speed & reduce file dependancies. Minimizing the already large Wordpress Footprint.

Hosting & Domain Transfer

ThunderWerx provide 3rd Party hosting, taking the stress out of host transfers, domain registration, leaving you to concentrate on the core of your website.

Intial Goals

Design Logo & Branding to :

  • A Wordpress Site Install
  • Convey Core Body of Work and Contact Info
  • Create Effective logo for use on Branding, Contact cards & Portfolio.
  • Supply short branding in Motion Graphics Format

ThunderWerx The Salty Kitty Tami Nelson in action



Benefits of Using ThunderWerx

End-to-End Service

ThunderWerx are a Creative End to End service.
The Salty Kitty needed help upgrading her blog, a quick branding package and CMS install to get going, leaving her to focus on her passion of racing.


Accelerated build times.
With the focus on work, the main objective of the website is as a point of contact & showreel of work.

Giving Start Ups a Boost

Going Responsive can help boost Business.