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About ThunderWerx

Web & Digital Design, Scotland.
St. Andrews
The North

Design for Tomorrow

Based in Scotland, ThunderWerx is a new startup that aim to take existing digital designs, and bring them up to tomorrow's standards.

Establishing a Reputation

Specialized in working with SMEs (small-medium sized enterprises upto 250 Employees) within the trade sector, the arts, events & charity/NGOs.


MicroSites start from just £249.99 + VAT

ThunderWerx Microsites
One Page to Rule them All

A ThunderWerx Microsite is one page, all the basic goals and information a user needs. Ideal for startups, first time website owners, and for those keeping costs down.

Website Customization

Already have a website or CMS? ThunderWerx can delevop exisiting themes/templates to suit your style, branding and your users.

3 Month Analytics Subscription Plan available* SEO

SEO: Monthly Stat Report & Development
*Terms & Conditions Apply † Small-Medium Size Enterprise Only
Example or ThunderWerx Stat Report (Presentations also Available)

It Pays to Analyze & Optimize

Analytic Reports to give you insight into Who uses your website, how they use it and how to make it better for the both of you.

A Statistic Report will help drive users through your site

Get Monthly ThunderWerx Stat Reports compiled. Rank higher in Google, increase your business, target high value users, and diagnose why some things do and don't work.

Affordable Logo Design

Graphics: Logo & Branding
*Terms & Licenses Apply
Example of a design mockup

Catering for a variety of channels

  • Facebook/Twitter Cover Design
  • Email Templates
  • LetterHead & Envelope Design
  • Website Graphics Packages
  • Brochure/Letter/Flyering Design
Get In Touch to arrange a quick quote or discussion.

Foursquare, Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, Drupal.
Sound good to you?

CMS a solution for self management of website

Content Management Systems or CMS are the most effective way for you or your team to run and manage your own website. Thunderwerx currently work with platforms to give you control over content.

Manage Your Own Work

Your Own Website

Your Own Way.

If you have set up your own website across any platform. Be it a blog, portfolio, or business site, then get it developed by Thunderwerx.
A customized solution to shape your online experience.

Taking a picture is the simplest thing to do, but one of the hardest things to do well.

Camera Hire Available Soon

Composition, Post, Sound & Motion Graphics

It's not just about using premium technology in capture, editing or post, but the composition.
It's the eye behind the lens which does the ground work.

Hire & Shoot from ThunderWerx Soon

Whether you are too far for a photographer, you know the precise time & location shots you want, or you simply would like slightly better equipment for the job. Hire & Shoot Available Soon from ThunderWerx.

Why Choose Thunderwerx?


Doing things Differently.
Viewing Retrospectively.
Crafting with Precise Logic.

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Support when You need it

Website Support.
Host Migration.
Domain Acquistion.

The Love of Little

Simple Things - Done Well.
The "all that remains" ethos.
The art of subtraction.

Cloud Based Project Management

Access your ThunderWerx project anywhere, any device through Basecamp.
Create & Share Calendars, Work lists and deadlines.
Share Content, Files & Track Progress.
†Optional Extra

Easy to Access

Sharer of Ideas.
Lover of Meetings.
Powered by Coffee ™

What clients think of ThunderWerx?

Jason's creativity and knowledge in design made our ideas come to reality. To note in-particular his highly effective communication skills and time management made his service engaging and effortless. The website is modern, dynamic and mobile responsive. Exactly what we briefed and more.

M. Powell BSc - Account Manager at Stage Electrics

What clients think of ThunderWerx?

My blog was really slow loading when you bring up the page to view. I was not really set on anything as long as I could do it (manage and edit my website).

It looks so much better now, faster and I have so many new features. Thank You!

Tami Nelson - Ducati Racer at Bonneville Speedway

What clients think of ThunderWerx?

Seaton Joinery Ltd approached ThunderWerx after being left with a poor website from another agency. Not only did ThunderWerx better the design, but also produced the website for cheaper than our previous.

We repeatedly use ThunderWerx to maintain our Drupal website, and are currently expecting our new look website shortly.

D. MacGregor - Owner at Seaton Joinery LTD

What clients think of ThunderWerx?

Highly Effective industrial skills in Photoshop, Social Media Strategy and SEO.

P. Reid - Esk Glazing LTD Installations Manager
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+44 74 12 36 53 69
Forsyth House
93 George Street
Scotland - UK
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