A New Year begins with a mobile-friendly website!

A new mobile-friendly website for Seaton Joinery- Scotland.

The Era of the Mobile Device

It comes as no surprise that many websites are predominantly accessed by mobile devices. Growing Analytics data supports a move to optimise all content to mobile-first.

Google Search Rankings will also favour AMP web pages (accelerated mobile pages) over slow, bulky, media enriched pages.

People are 5 times more likely to leave a mobile site that isn't mobile-friendly.

New Website for the Arbroath firm

This is why Seaton Joinery LTD deemed it imperative to move to a fully responsive website. Including Thunderwerx Photography, Graphics and Print services.

Integrating custom media queries to a responsive framework of their choice, they have a new, faster and mobile friendly website, which reflects on their precisely crafted range of products & services.

Graphics, Brochure Design & Photography

Using ThunderWerx for their photography and graphics design, Seaton Joinery have developed new marketing material, coinciding with new brochures.

ThunderWerx offer brochure designs, logo, branding and website packages throughout Scotland. Specialising with construction & trade firms.

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